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How to Get a Driver’s License in the US

It’s necessary to get a driver’s license in the US in order to drive any vehicle. Many people are confused when it comes to getting their driving license. Therefore, here we will see each and everything that you should know about getting a driving license in the United States.

Depending on where you live

A driver’s license is also the most common and accepted form of identification in the US.

First of all, know that the process of getting the license is different in each state. In other words, the cost and the documents required may differ for each state other things are pretty much the same. We will here see the step by step guide on getting your driver’s license. Also, we will see how much will it cost and how you can apply for the license from your state.

Note: In our last section, we’ve provided links for every state where you can pay the fees and apply for the license. Therefore, make sure you read all the steps correctly before proceeding.

Get the documents ready

Identity proof and other documents are the most necessary and mandatory part of getting the license. You will need to submit some proofs to validate your identity. The documents may vary from state to state but there are several documents that are required for every state. So, make sure you have these ready.

  • An ID where your name, picture, and the date of birth has been clearly stated. You can submit you passport or state ID card here.
  • You will need Social Security Number (SSN). If you don’t have it, you should get one
  • A proof that shows you are legally staying in the US. Here, you can either submit the permanent resident card or citizenship certification. You can also submit a visa here.
  • Passport size photo is also required. In some states, the photo is taken when you are filling up the application. It is better to keep a copy with us.
  • You also have to submit a utility bill or bank statement for address proof.

Please note that there are some states where the legal age for getting the license is different. In most of the states, you will get it when you turn 18. However, in some state, there is a minimum of 21 years required.

Pay the Fees

The next step is, of course, to pay the fees. The fee is not high as you will only be paying 30 to 90 USD depending upon the state. In some state, there are recurring fees, that is you will have to pay anywhere between 5 to 10 USD per year. In other words, the fees are less than 100 USD, you won’t have to pay a fortune for the license.

Take the tests

Once you have paid all your fees, you will need to take the test for the license. There is a written test as well as a practical test. The written test has questions about traffic rules. You can easily clear it if you have handbook for the traffic rules and regulations. The book is available on the state website, the link of which is given in the last section. You will also find the book over there. There are around 30 to 50 questions and typically the time is anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. You can easily complete it and proceed to a practical state.

If you fail, you need to wait for certain days before you reapply. Also, it depends on the state whether you need to wait or not, if yes, then how many days you have to wait. Moreover, you also need to get a vision test before you get your license.

Getting the license

Lastly, you can fill out the form and apply for the license permits. You will get a temporary learning license that is valid for a certain time period. After that, you need to apply for a full unrestricted license. The full license is valid anywhere between 4 to 12 years depending upon the state. You can also check out the state’s website link and know the exact costing and the validity of the license from there. You can also apply for the license from the links given below.

Quick Links

Click on your state and you will be redirected to the official website where you can apply for the license.