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About Us


  • To provide free resources, information and support that Hispanics and Latinos need to succeed in the United States.
  • To create an online community where Hispanics and Latinos living in the United States can gather, support and encourage each other in our journey to success.
  • To celebrate our culture and pass on the beauty of our heritage.


Latinos and Hispanics succeeding in the US while celebrating our culture and passing on the beauty of our heritage.

To build an online community specifically tailored for us – Hispanics and Latinos living in the United States:

  • A community that understands what it feels like to have your feet in one country and your heart in another.
  • A community where we can easily find and share ways to pass our cultural pride and heritage to our children while successfully raising them in the US.
  • A community where we can celebrate our cultural heritage and traditions through sharing recipes, favorite holiday traditions, memories from back home, etc.
  • A community where we can support and uplift each other and feel comfortable sharing the challenges and triumphs unique to being Hispanic and Latino living in the US.
  • A place where we can laugh at our in-jokes and speak in Spanish, English or Spanglish when we feel like it. Our online home where we feel safe, seen and understood. No explanations necessary.

Maria Cecilia

Maria Cecilia grew up in Little Havana, Miami watching her mother work two jobs to make ends meet. Putting ointment on her mother’s hands because they were cut from working in the factoria.It wasn’t easy for her family and for so many others trying to succeed here. So many people asking the same questions and looking for the same answers. So many unnecessary struggles.

Years later, she is still seeing the same stories and struggles. The unreliable information, the well-meaning friends trying to help out and all the wasted time.

And growing up while navigating two cultures taught MC that loving where you live doesn’t mean forgetting where you’re from. And that success for her as a Hispanic American had to be on her own terms – holding on to her roots.
And there in a nutshell is why ER was born.

MC strongly believes two things

That we as Hispanics and Latinos can achieve tremendous success here with the right tools – accurate information and resources.
And to be truly successful, we must achieve success on our own terms – holding on to our roots, celebrating our culture and passing on the beauty of our heritage.